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About Us

Founded in 1977, we’ve grown to become one of the leading modular rental companies in North America.

Britco has the largest fleet of modular buildings in British Columbia including: Site offices, Mobile offices, Office complexes, Classrooms, Sales centres, First aid buildings, Washroom facilities, Water and sewer tanks, Container solutions for storage, offices and walkways.

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About Us Our Responsibility Benefits of Modular Buildings Awards
About Us

We work with you to ensure delivery of high-quality rental building solutions that can be quickly and easily paired with complementary products like stairs and furniture. To complete the project, we also offer services such as delivery and installation. Additional options, including insurance for rentals or engineering services, are available as well.

If a building purchase is preferred over renting, we can provide either used or custom-built new buildings, depending on the function and application.

Britco is part of Black Diamond Group.

Productivity is the goal. We add the comfort and convenience.
A well-planned workspace improves employee morale and boosts operational productivity. That’s why we work one-on-one with you to plan and deliver solutions that will help ensure project success.

We also know everyone appreciates comfort and convenience, especially those who work hard in rugged, real-life conditions – from urban construction sites to remote locations that are miles from nowhere.

Industries We Serve
We’re proud to serve a large and diverse client base in a variety of industries, including:

Construction, Commercial, Infrastructure, Institutional, Government, Industrial, Oil and gas, Mining, Utilities, Disaster relief, Healthcare, Engineering, Special events, Film and TV production.

Need mobile or modular building solutions? Britco delivers. Call or email us today!

Our Responsibility

Community Investment
Britco is committed to maximizing value to our shareholders while pledging support to our local communities.

This includes sourcing and identifying local suppliers, sub-contractors, vendors and labor in the geographical area of the scope of work. We also partner with the local communities and organizations in which we do business, to develop unique programs to engage communities to aid in creating employment opportunities for local residents.

Learn more on our corporate website >

Indigenous Relations

Britco is committed to working with the local and Indigenous communities in the regions in which we do business. We have an extensive track record in working with Indigenous groups, through both formal partnerships and in the support of Indigenous-owned businesses.

Our parent company, Black Diamond Group has been recognized with multiple Aboriginal Business Awards, and we foresee a continued bright future for each of our partnerships.

Learn more on our corporate website >

Health, Safety & Environment
By partnering with Britco, you can be assured that we will lead strongly and remain committed to our goal of providing an incident free workplace.

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Benefits of Modular Buildings

When you need a building and you need it fast, choose modular. Modular buildings have a number of advantages over traditional build projects.

Time-savings = Cost-savings

Modular construction gets your project up and running much faster than traditional construction.

How? Because construction and site preparation take place at the same time, easily advancing your project timeline by 30 to 50 percent – even on custom-builds.
And since the majority of modular construction is done inside a factory, your project isn’t affected by weather delays or site conditions.

The bottom line? A better bottom line for you. Time saved equals costs saved.

High quality. Built to code. Greener.

High quality
Modular buildings are built to meet or exceed the same building codes and standards as site-built structures.

Built to code
The same architect-specified materials used in conventionally-constructed buildings – like wood, concrete and steel – are also used in modular construction projects.

Since most modular construction takes place in a factory, on-site traffic from workers, equipment or suppliers is significantly reduced. This means less waste, fewer materials and less disruption to residents in a community.

Flexible. Fast. Relocatable.

Modular buildings offer flexible temporary and permanent buildings solutions that can be configured to suit specific needs. Complexes can be expanded or decreased in size, even added on to existing non-modular building structures. This makes modular buildings ideal for a wide range of diverse applications including portable offices, storage, first aid/medical clinics and more.

In an emergency – such as a major natural disaster – or when you simply need to have temporary structures on site fast, modular buildings can be delivered, set up and ready to go within days.

Modular buildings are completely portable so when you need to move, your buildings can move with you.


Our long tradition of designing and manufacturing award-winning buildings is recognized each year by the Modular Building Institute (MBI) Awards.

Judged by our peers, enjoyed by our clients

Each entry was reviewed by an impartial panel of industry and non-industry construction and code experts, architects and engineers, and marketing professionals. Projects were judged on architectural excellence, technical innovation, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and calendar days to complete.

  • First Place – Greatest Renovation
    Meadowridge School
    Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction
  • Best in Show – Relocatable Modular
    Aviara Sales Centre
    Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction
  • First Place – Relocatable Modular, Retail or Hospitality
    Aviara Sales Centre
    Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction
  • First Place – Relocatable Modular, Education
    York House School
    Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction
  • Best in Show – Temporary Modular
    Mosaic Homes Display Centre
    Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction
  • First Place – Temporary Modular, Retail
    Mosaic Homes Display Centre
    Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction
  • Honourable Mention – Temporary Modular Special Application
    Britco’s Vancouver 2010 Winter Games Commentator Booths
    Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction
  • Best in Show
    Luxe Sales Centre
    Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction
  • First Place – Temporary
    New Gold Office
    Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction

About the Modular Building Institute (MBI)
The MBI is the industry association representing companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of commercial modular buildings across North America. Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, the MBI’s mission is to grow the modular industry and its capabilities by encouraging innovation, quality, and professionalism through communication, education, and recognition.

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